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Today, in the early 21st century, the fragrance is the perfect companion and is essential for a successful show, which raises our self-confidence and gaining a positive response around us. A fragrance that we choose our own tastes, emphasizes our personality, confirms the masculinity or femininity. So give us a good mood and comfort in public and private life.
The fragance is more than a smell: it is an idea, an inspiration, expressed in it. The manufacture of perfumes is theoretically simple - the difficulty of the discovery of a mixture of smells, which constitute an original and harmonious whole. Important for the scent itself is the recipe, which includes a wide variety of flavors.

For the preparation of a perfume, used up to 2,000 different combinations of scents, from which the final stage used only 80 to 200. The mixing of oils enriched with the addition of alcohol. After that, the scent remains for a few weeks to "mature" and finally cooled and filtered to remain clean. A fragrance needs time to perfect. The scent of a perfume from the affected skin, which will come into contact.

THREE STAGES, BY WHICH  a perfume to be refined:

1st STAGE: THE FIRST smell / Cerebral NOTE
Cerebral note (also known as the top) is the first scent that the consumer understands the first impression. This is a critical phase in the perfume market. From the moment you open the bottle and wear, the fragrance is accepted or rejected. For this phase, use gentle scents, which can affect the tone of the heart and the keynote.

2nd STAGE: The second smell / NOTE OF HEART
The tone of the heart (known as bouquet), which unfolds a few minutes after applying perfume, forming the intermediate part of creation and harmony with the brain and the keynote.

STAGE 3: The "SOUND" OF SMELL / keynote
The keynote (aka background) leaves the impression more intense and lasts longer. Heavy perfumes (as the East) also hold some balsamic scents for even longer.

The smell can be changed by:
In windy conditions (the intensity of the odor is reduced), the effect of light (rapid aging of aromatic oils) and heat.

There are special body parts that must be spiced to bring out the flavor, such as the neck, the neck, the back of the hands behind the knees or thighs.
Tip: The freshly washed hair also raise the perfumes.

To be sure of our choice, it is "live" for some time with it. In this way, we can learn to how much we want to wear a fragrance, an appropriate time to wear it and under what circumstances. The decision to purchase a new fragrance, advising consumers in accordance with the following criteria:

1) Type of the person (athletic, simple, eccentric, shy, elegant, romantic, dynamic, etc.)
2) Professional or other activities
3) Circumstances where the scent will be worn
4) Period of the day (soft, fresh fragrance throughout the day and evening performances are suitable for the strong - exotic - oriental perfume)
5) Period of time (suitable for summer fresh, soft fruit aromas with scents, etc. while in winter the preferred heavier and intense aromas)

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