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Top products with German quality standard

The first-rate quality of our products with German quality standard is vital for a sustained and successful business. The LR quality claim applies to all areas, from product development via test scenarios with independent associations and institutes through to service and product advice.

Raw materials and our suppliers

LR prioritises the use of natural and premium raw materials in line with the latest findings in research and development. We therefore cooperate with experienced raw material suppliers. As our focus is on premium quality, our suppliers are subject to stringent checks and selected accordingly. This also includes inspecting the soil in Mexico where our Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller is cultivated. Premium raw materials and careful processing guarantee that our products are of a high standard. Thanks to checks carried out internally and also by independent and renowned institutes, we ensure that all our products consistently comply with the high-quality German standards.

Processing and production

The majority of our products are manufactured at the Ahlen headquarters in Germany. For some product segments, suppliers from abroad provide an even higher-quality standard than “Made in Germany“. Both internal and external production sites are subject to systematic inspection and certified by the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS. Some of our decorative cosmetics are manufactured in Italy. Italy stands for top formula quality, superb colour, fashion expertise and last but not least for many years of experience.