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MicroSilver PLUS

Silver is a soft, white metal. It does not provoke allergies nor does it rust; oxygen does not destroy it and it isn’t toxic. Silver’s antibacterial properties have been well-known for many centuries. Nevertheless, only just recently did scientists discover silver’s full potential. It acts as a preventive agent against infections and it is one of the most effective antibiotic substances against a wide spectrum of microorganisms. It has been medically proved that silver can neutralize more than 650 species of microorganisms. In a very small concentration, silver is particularly toxic to microbes, while, on the contrary, it is non toxic to human cells.
Silver does not attack microbes directly; it destroys the basic structure of the microbe’s enzyme instead, achieving full destruction. Silver molecules are positively charged, in contrast with the bacteria, which are negatively charged. This is the reason why silver aggressively and effectively destroys bacteria. Therefore, silver has a particular antibacterial action; it is biocompatible and is deprived of cytotoxic effects, which means that it does not destroy human cells.
MicroSilver is made out of exceptionally thin micro-corpuscles of pure silver, with an extremely porous and spongy structure. This structure offers the possibility of high absorption against contact with microorganisms. At the same time, silver ions are constantly released by the metallic MicroSilver. These active silver corpuscles directly attack the cellular membrane of microorganisms, obstruct their cell division and their multiplication.
Due to the special treatment it goes through, it does not penetrate the lower stratum of the skin and, therefore, does not have any side-effects; on the contrary, it preserves a constant action. This fact means that the creation and colonization of the skin by new harmful microbes is prevented for many hours, even days later. At the same time it acts as a protective film, like a second skin.
The MicroSilver PLUS series does not contain preservatives, coloring agents or perfume. Its composition allows its conservation without adding any further preservatives.